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You know you live in the country when. . . .

your dogs regularly tune in to chicken tv. 


Wondering what chicken tv is? Basically, the act of watching your chickens doing their chicken-y things through a window. Or in Bryony and Sophie’s case a glass door. 

The girls love nothing more than standing at the front door and watching the chicken shenanigans going on. 

The photo above was taken today, and the one below, about five months ago.

Literally, they tune in to chicken tv every. single. day. But then, I do, too. 😀

bryony and sophie

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You know you live in the country when. . . .

Any watermelon left outside unattended, for even a minute, becomes fair game to a pack of chickens ready for a mid-afternoon snack.

Yeah, that literally took them like two minutes to accomplish while I was unloading the car. And after seeing the dent they’d made in it, I threw my hands up and said, “Go ahead and enjoy.” And believe me, they certainly did. Silly birds *shakes head* 😉

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You know you live in the country when. . .

Not only do your two-legged human neighbors visit, but your feathered fowl neighbors do too.

These guys have been over here so much lately that I’m starting to think we’ve adopted them. Our neighbors wanted to know a few days ago if the birds were bothering us (and to send them home if they were).

The answer was, of course. . . Nope. We’re pretty chicken-friendly people, after all. And you know what? This is what I love about living in the country. The friendliness, the slower pace, and yep, the visits from our neighborly chickens.

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You know you live in the country when . . . .

A turkey on your porch is pretty common. Among other types of farm animals.

Pictured above: Snoody. Or his full proper name (which I’m sure he absolutely loves and probably because it makes him feel so much more important than Jim Bob. And when you’re dealing with Jim Bob, our resident alpha bird, that matters.) Count Von Snoody. 
That’s right, because all of our animals are named. 
Except the guineas. Yeah, they’re a little too fast and a little too doppelgangerish for me to give them names.
And the quail. For the same reasons. 
By the way, Jim Bob, meanwhile, was standing at the bottom of the steps staring up at Snoody. I sort of think Snoody was having an “I’m the King of the World. . . . and you’re not!” moment with him.