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The Fowl Miracle.

Remember our devoted pair of Egyptian Geese, Ra and Cleo? (If you don’t, visit the original post about them here)

Ra and his lovely lady, Cleo, joined the farm a couple of years ago and I’m not going to lie, I had visions of cute little Egyptian goslings running around. 

Ra, being the  devoted and dashing rogue that he is, tried his best to make that happen.

He romanced Cleo. He whispered sweet nothings in her ear. He even showered her with bouquet after bouquet of flowers. . . . Okay, so maybe, he didn’t go that far, but I’m sure he did do the Egyptian Goose equivalent to that. 

But I digress. 

Cleo, being the blushing bride of Ra, naturally led him on a merry chase and played hard to get. But it was no luck. 

Month after month, year after year, Cleo didn’t lay eggs. And as we all know, you can’t have super adorable, bouncing baby birds without eggs!

So, I wrote them off, and decided that Ra and Cleo, no matter how sprightly they acted, were a lot older than I’d been told.

Then, a miracle of the fowl-ish sort. Eggs!!!! Cleo laid eggs this year!! And a few weeks later, yep, you guessed it! Those much longed for Egyptian Geese babies. 

20160226_154037Which leaves me with an important lesson. .  . Egyptian Geese are really good parents. Loving. Nurturing. And very, very territorial. Do not even think about picking up one of the babies. Nope. You’ll find yourself facing Kung Fu Goose. 

And photographing them? Well, the ‘rents aren’t too crazy about that either – perfect example: that dirty look Cleo is shooting me in the above photo. 


I’m actually a little late posting this, so those babies are in reality a little bigger than that now.