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Sometimes, it seems like if you blink around here, it’s instantly a new season. 

Winter has come and gone. Trees are no longer bare and are bursting with life.



Flowers are blooming. Bees are buzzing.


Peach trees are weeping. Did you know there are weeping peach trees? I sure didn’t. 

IMG_3640The blueberry plants are blossoming. 

I went a little blueberry mad last year and added three more. That means I now have a total of six blueberry plants. Count ’em, six!

In other words, one day I’m going to have blueberries coming out of my ears. I foresee a lot of blueberry desserts in this girl’s future. 

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A Breath of Spring.

Ah, spring is in the air, even if it’s still 3 days away. The past week has been absolutely gorgeous and everyone here has enjoyed it. In our neck of the woods, by the way, we don’t have real winters, at least not ones like most people experience. No snow, no freezing, blustery days (or very few of them, at least). And while, I’m a winter lover, after a while the unrelenting brownness of it all can get a little old . . . brown grass, bare trees, etc. But Spring is on the threshold and with it, comes green, yellow, pink, all my favorite colors.

I started some of the seeds from Baker Creek. Pictured: Red Romaine.

The azaleas have flowers on them.
The blueberry plants are blossoming.
So are the bradford pear trees down by the pond.
The animals have been enjoying the nice weather, too. 

Check out how long his beard is.
Snoody, who hardly ever struts long enough for me to snap a picture of him, has been showing off a lot lately. Isn’t he a handsome fellow? And such a sweet one, too. Unlike boss turkey, Jim Bob. 
Meanwhile, Verity has been more incessant than ever about demanding her daily walk around the pond, so much so, that we’ve started walking twice a day. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor. . . well, apparently she doesn’t know the meaning of the words “Not today.”
And with spring comes breeding season. Something the birds (and me) are gearing up for. In fact, look what we found today:
A turkey egg! Laid by Pattycake; now the Royal Palm girls just need to start laying.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
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Spring has sprung.

I love the changes that come with spring. It’s like the whole world wakes up from a deep sleep. Trees and plants are blooming and springing up everywhere.

One of the Bridal Wreaths.

My favorites, Azaleas are just starting to get flowers on them.
The Bradford Pear Trees around the pond are starting to flower.
The Scuplin vine on the hillside has brand new leaves on it. 

I think this may be one of several blackberry bushes. 
Wild blackberries used to grow around our pond, 
but they’ve been absent the past couple of years.

It’s hard not to love Spring when it heralds the arrival of new life.
The ducklings that hatched out a little over a week ago.

Ben and her three goslings. 
She’s such a proud mother and 
has been parading them around for all to see.

 This little guy, Hershey, is half of a very playful set of twins. 
Their mom, Dara, is the doe that contributed 
the milk that was used to make our soap.

I suppose all of the nice weather we’ve had lately inspired some of the ducks to go on another ramble to the creek. 
From front to back: Rosie the Riveter, Lucky, Bufton, Susan, 
Bop, Bee, Sally, and Randy Roger.
Of course, they came running as soon as they saw me 
and obediently followed me back to the pond.
At least, there is a temporary fence 
along that section of our land, now. 
The highway will be undergoing construction 
sometime in the future so the State installed the barrier last week.

Of course, Grandma and Grandpa, always the well behaved pair, spent their time enjoying the pond while the others were up to their shenanigans. I’m surprised they walked down to it because our Pekins usually spend most of their time gathered around one of the kiddie pools, but I guess they wanted a little time away from the younger ducks.