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Fall Protection

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No One Wants a Nasty Fall
When you work in an industry that involves high places, fall protection has to be a top priority. Fall arrest protection is necessary to ensure the safety of each employee, making it possible for everyone to breathe more easily. It’s a simple insurance policy. If you know there is a risk of falling, you have to do something to prevent tragedy. Equip staff members with the right kind of gear and it is less likely that anyone will be hurt.

Because I’m not a fan of heights & have literally no photos of anything height related. But I do have a pic of the Atlanta skyline taken last month.


Choose the Right Level of Protection
In some situations, a basic form of protection is all that is needed. A harness that is attached to a lanyard can be enough to secure an employee. However, there are those instances when life becomes more complicated. In many cases, individuals need to climb intense heights. Additional equipment is a must to keep them safe. Westech Rigging Supply is dedicated to offering a comprehensive selection of fall protection equipment that can rise to any challenge. Ropes, hooks, anchors, carabiners, and cable grabs are only a few examples of what is available to make workers feel more secure when they are taking to high places.

Enjoy the Convenience of a Kit
The last thing anyone should do is to sacrifice quality to save money. Fall arrest equipment can be expensive, especially when it is more involved. If you are a roofer, you will need an anchor in addition to a lanyard and harness. If you climb towers, you’ll need to have the ultimate level of protection. Turn to Westech Rigging Supply to find fall protection kits to suit the job. Don’t cut corners or spend more trying to buy each piece that is necessary to ensure you are secure. At the touch of a button, you can find one kit that contains exactly what you need. Remember that safety is key. If you or your staff members are going to keep working, make sure you are prepared. Westech Rigging Supply lists the latest in fall protection equipment, making it easier to do your job.

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