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National Cancer Prevention Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, which strikes a strong chord in my heart.

Cancer is, sadly, very common in my family. . . . it’s the genetic curse that just keeps showing up uninvited. Ruining health. Bringing sadness and grief. And stealing loved ones away. 

From skin to liver to prostate to breast cancer, it seems like almost everyone in my family develops at least one form of cancer.  Just in my immediate family: My mother has had oral and cervical cancers and melanoma. My grandmother has had multiple melanomas removed in the last few years. My grandfather did, as well.

Then, about a year before he died, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His health had deteriorated too much, by then, and there was nothing that could be done. Time went by, his condition worsened even further, until he was confined to a wheelchair and couldn’t walk. A few weeks before he died, his doctor started mentioning the possibility of mesothelioma as being the cause of his health issues, but we never found out if he actually had it.


My grandparents’ oldest child, my Uncle Jerry, died in his early twenties from stomach cancer. . . . Uncle Jerry and GrandadI know that I’m already at a very increased risk for developing cancer just based on genetics alone and believe me, I’ve tried to limit exposure to anything cancer causing. I’ve never smoked. I’ve traded tanning beds for the lovely and pale look – and an occasional spray tan. I’ve cut back on bacon, sausage, and red meat consumption. I’m scheduled to have a suspicious mole checked. And I’ve seriously considered genetic testing, although that bullet hasn’t been bitten, yet. But for now, I’m more than willing to do everything else I can to try to keep the disease at bay, and the more knowledge that we share about the evil “C Word” and the small steps that we can take to prevent it, always helps a little. Hopefully, one day soon, there will be a cure.

The Mesothelioma + Asbestos Awareness Center shared a few tips for preventing cancer during all times of the year, which I am to elaborate on. They aim to raise awareness of the rare but preventable cancer mesothelioma, which is caused by asbestos exposure, a toxic material that many do not know is still legal and widely used.

Cancer Prevention Month Checklist


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Dangers of Having a Weak Gutter System.

While I’m off on a halfway around the world trip (and getting lost in Hyde Park – gosh, that place is humongous), here is a guest post by Anna. 

The gutter system is one of the things to which people don’t pay much attention once they install it. This is not the best approach, though, considering how many things depend on the proper functioning of this simple system and the damages which could appear after bad maintenance. Cleaning the gutter system of your home regularly is one the things you have to do, in order to it in top condition. You will also have to start checking it more often, so that you know when it is time to replace the old and damaged gutter with a new one. What are the consequences of having a weak system you can learn by reading below. 


Cleaning the gutter system is definitely not the most pleasant task but doing it will save you a lot of troubles in the future. Neglecting the maintenance of this part of your house could lead to serious complications which will cost you a lot of time and money to fix. So, why risk the safety of your home and the comfort of your family when you can simply dedicate a little of your time regularly to the cleaning and inspection of the gutter system of your real estate property? In case you want to learn more about the risks and dangers of the weak system, here they are:

  • Ruined walls –

When your gutter system is clogged by leafs, branches, and other things it is impossible for the water to go through the system. As it continues to collects, sooner or later it will start to splash on the external part of your walls which created those nasty wet stains. In some cases, the water could even make your walls look dirty because of the which comes from the leafs and the other things. If you don’t want to repaint, better unclog your system immediately. 

  • Dampness in the house – 

In case you are noticing some dark stains and unpleasant formations in the corners of your walls, and possibly on some other parts of the house, this means that you have mold. At first you may see it only in the basement but over time it could easily spread to the other parts of your house as a result of the dampness from the spilled. It is important to react immediately by fixing the gutter system first and then treating the mold build-ups with special products. 

  • Mosquito infestation – 

Your clogged gutter system will be an attractive area for a lot of mosquitoes which are looking for a good place to breed. This could be dangerous for you and for the health of your family, so it is essential to take some measure for the cleaning of your gutter system as soon as possible. We all know how unpleasant a mosquito’s bite is, so better save yourself the discomfort of such unpleasant experience.

  • Damaging of the wood – 

The water could be extremely dangerous for any wooden elements and decoration of your house. In case they are constantly exposed to water, after a certain period of time their structure will weaken and they will begin to rot. Replacing them won’t be cheap for sure, while the cleaning of your gutter system won’t cost you anything except a little time. 

  • Weak home structure – 

Speaking of weak structures, the water which is splashing on your walls and other parts of your real estate property from the gutter could also weaken the entire structure of your house. This will not only endanger the safety of your family but will also make your property less attractive for the buyers, in case you decide to sell it one day. 

As you can see the cleanness and good maintenance of the gutter system of your home is very important and you shouldn’t underestimate it. You can secure the good looks and condition of your real estate property by simply inspecting regularly the gutter and removing the collected leafs and other grime. 

The article is contributed by Anna who runs DeluxeCleaners Earls Court


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An Etsy Announcement.

Because I know that a lot of our wonderful MaidenHillFarm Etsy customers follow the various social media accounts we have (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) while others follow this blog, I have a little announcement to make and I wanted to make sure that everyone sees it. 

I’m going on a trip. 

But that’s not all, there’s a reason why I’m telling you this. While I’m gone, the Etsy shop will remain open, but since I won’t actually be here, orders placed between today and October 7th won’t be mailed until next week (Thursday at the earliest). 

A gratuitous picture of Sophie, who is currently curled up next to me wishing it would stop raining.

I also have a few posts planned for this blog while I’m gone, and if anyone would like to guest post, feel free to email me.

Expect a lot of photos when I get back next week. Or follow along with the upcoming adventure (huge adventure – never been on a plane, but that’s about to change), on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram 😉

By the way, a huge shout out and thank you to my father for farm/poodle sitting!!! Sophie and Bryony are looking forward to being spoiled by him.