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Just a few pictures.

I’ve had a new (and much better) camera for a little over a week, and have really been enjoying playing around with it. Although, I’m not sure the animals have enjoyed having a camera pointed their way as much, but they’ve been patient with me 🙂

Anyways, here are a few pictures from around the farm:
Jim Bob and Snoody in one of their very rare non-strutting moments. They look so much smaller when their tails aren’t fanned out.
One of the two Muscovey girls we added this past summer. Miss Scovy has been very happy she’s no longer the odd duck out, though she still spends most of her time with the Pekins, Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandma and Grandpa have really been taking advantage of the cooler weather and spending most of their time at the pond. Of course, their third wheel Miss Scovy is usually with them, but now she has company. Along with the two Muscovy girls we added this summer, we were also gifted with a couple of drakes, Spike and T-Bone. 

Now, for a few goose pictures:
The geese have really been enjoying their new large enclosure, but something they enjoy even more. . . snack time 😉
Two of the goslings we hatched out this past May taking a break (you can see just hatched pictures of them here). Left to Right: Blueberry, a Sebastopol, and Otto, a Pilgrim. 
Lewis, another Pilgrim gander. Notice the beautiful blue eye. . . Blue eyes are a hallmark feature of male Pilgrims.
Henry, our other Sebastopol.
Now for pictures of the Indian Runners I hatched out this summer. They’re always on the go, usually en masse, and rarely stand still long enough to snap a decent picture of them. Most pictures of them come out looking sort of like this:
But every so often they do stand still for a second or two.
Look how pretty and orange the Bradford Pear trees around the pond are:
And last but not least, my new camera shoots videos in HD, so I just had to try that out. 
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First post and a tiny egg.

This is my first blog, and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to be able to come up with enough things to write about. I guess it’s a good thing that we have the chickens and goats because they certainly keep life interesting, and they’ll be the main focus of this blog.

I used to write a lot as a teenager and into my early twenties, and it was something that I loved doing. I don’t know, but there’s just something about sitting down and expressing yourself and getting lost in a story that you’ve written. I’ve gotten away from that, but I’m hoping that this blog will bring a love of writing back to me. Anyways, on to the second part of this first post. . . the tiny egg.

We occassionally get small eggs from our young hens that are just starting up their egg laying career, but never one as small as the egg today. I’m assuming it’s from one of our younger Silkie girls. Eggs like it are typically called, “fart egg”. You can think of it as a hiccup in the egg laying machine that is a hen.

Sitting on a nickel.
Eggs Left to Right: Pekin, Indian Runner, Easter Egger, Black Giant,
Buff Orpington, Silkie, Serama, & Silkie “fart egg”.
In the center is a small egg we got the other day from a young Indian Runner duck.