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Road Trip to PC.

I have been meaning to get this post up ever since this morning, but honestly, I’ve been cooped up inside and completely glued to the news all day long (my excuse, and it’s a good one, is that it has stormed all day long – and is still raining – so not nice weather for doing anything outside or productive by a long shot).

Anyways, back to the post at hand. . . We (meaning my mom, myself, and Grandma, of course) took a little road trip on Wednesday down to Panama City, FL to visit with four of my favorite aunts and uncles. And what a nice visit it was!

We were treated to the best restaurant for lunch, and surprisingly, I actually tried the sushi. . . for the second time 🙂 When I tried it for the first time last year, ashamed to say I literally gagged and was completely convinced that my usually fairly adventurous taste buds were defunct. But not so this time, it was actually kinda yummy.

Sorry, no beach pictures, but here’s one of the water going across the bridge at Lynn Haven, FL 😉

And look what I brought home. . .


Tupelo Honey is a mild flavored honey (and delicious, of course) and is only produced in northwest Florida. And since we used the last of ours a couple of months ago and we rarely get down that way anymore, I couldn’t come back home without restocking. Which means that I finally made another batch of one of our more popular soaps, Oatmeal & Tupelo Honey, today!

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Going to the rodeo parade.

When I was growing up, my family owned a small vacation lake home a few miles down the road from small town Bonifay, FL in another even smaller town Vernon, FL. Since we don’t live too far from the Florida state line, we spent just about every weekend during the summer on the lake. We stopped many times to grab a bite to eat in Bonifay on the way there and back, and I always enjoy visiting there even now. 

This past weekend we went on a short afternoon trip to Bonifay for the 67th Northwest Florida Championship Rodeo parade. Even though we didn’t make it to the rodeo this year, the parade on Saturday is always a lot of fun all by itself and something we never fail to miss.

The rodeo parade is a huge deal with what seems like almost as many horses in town as there are people and a carnival atmosphere with vendors on the side of the street selling crafts, t-shirts, tack and saddles, tupelo honey, funnel cakes, italian ices, boiled peanuts, and barbecue sandwiches to name a few things. So, I thought I would share a few pictures with all of you.

Wagons going through downtown.
Grandma enjoying the parade.
We had such a good time, and of course there were so many tempting booths set up that we couldn’t possibly come home without buying something. My grandmother bought a jug of delicious tupelo honey (her absolute favorite) and I bought an Auburn decoration to put on the back door and a new lead for the donkeys. We also came home with brand new Dixie Outfitters t-shirts. Every year there’s a tent set up that sells them that tons of people always flock to, and it’s become a tradition of ours to always get new t-shirts before we leave for home.

My Auburn decoration.
Unfortunately Auburn lost against Arkansas this past weekend.
My mom chose turkeys for her shirt because she loves ours,
Clint’s shirt has sheep on it because we have a ewe,
and mine is the one with the tractor and chickens on it (I was really wanting one with a donkey).
I just noticed as I was about to click on “Publish Post” that it’s after midnight and October 13th, which is my birthday. So, happy birthday to me : )