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We’re in Dothan, AL waiting for Grandma to undergo a colonoscopy and an EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy or upper endoscopy) procedure. She’s been suffering from a mysterious gastrointestinal malady for the last 2-3 months that the doctors haven’t exactly been able to determine the cause of yet. Hopefully, after today we’ll know what exactly is going on. 

One thing I do know for sure. . . She was not happy about the 4 liters of prep solution that you have to drink the night before to prepare for the colonoscopy. We’re of the same mind there – that stuff did not look or sound at all appetizing. 

Edited to Add (on April 11, 1014): Both procedures went fine. Her doctor (Dr. Ashwani Kapoor, who is a fantastic gastroenterologist) took a biopsy of a spot in her duodenum, as well as, several biopsies in other parts of the intestinal tract. He also found some diverticulita in her colon during the procedures. She will be having a CT scan next week, and hopefully we will know more after that.