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You know you live in the country when. . . .

your dogs regularly tune in to chicken tv. 


Wondering what chicken tv is? Basically, the act of watching your chickens doing their chicken-y things through a window. Or in Bryony and Sophie’s case a glass door. 

The girls love nothing more than standing at the front door and watching the chicken shenanigans going on. 

The photo above was taken today, and the one below, about five months ago.

Literally, they tune in to chicken tv every. single. day. But then, I do, too. 😀

bryony and sophie

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You know you live in the country when. . .

Not only do your two-legged human neighbors visit, but your feathered fowl neighbors do too.

These guys have been over here so much lately that I’m starting to think we’ve adopted them. Our neighbors wanted to know a few days ago if the birds were bothering us (and to send them home if they were).

The answer was, of course. . . Nope. We’re pretty chicken-friendly people, after all. And you know what? This is what I love about living in the country. The friendliness, the slower pace, and yep, the visits from our neighborly chickens.

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Baby Blue

In other news, our lone Cream Legbar hen has started laying! Yess!!!

And no, those are not buzzards that have managed to sneak into our flock. They’re the Naked Neck chicks (all grown up, that is, and laying eggs themselves) from this post last year.

Back to the Legbar girl – here are her first two eggs:

Aren’t they so pretty and blue?

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Fall Colors.

With our warmer temperatures, it takes a little longer for Fall to actually get here, but when it does, it arrives in a riot of beautiful colors.

Wait a minute. . . 
Brownie: I’m Fall colors, too, aren’t I Mama?
Me: Yep, you sure are, Brownie Girl. 
Me: And you, too Little Man.
Peter: What about me? 
Me: Um, not quite. . . but you can be an honorary mention since you’re Bryony’s goat buddy. 
Speaking of Bryony, she enjoyed a good romp in the leaves today.
That’s my girl! A leaf chewing fiend.
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Time To Get Naked.

Naked Neck chickens, that is. What did you think I was talking about?

I have wanted Naked Necks for a long time. I’ve tried a few times before to add them to our flock with hatching eggs, but it never worked out. Finally, we have Naked Necks! Eight of them, in fact 🙂

They hatched out last weekend, and I’ve been meaning to post about them for days now. Let’s just say, it was a rough week, plus I pulled a muscle in my back (yikes, does it hurt!). But now, I’m finally getting around to it.

Aren’t they adorable?

If you’re not familiar with the breed, they originated in Europe and are bred to have less than half the number of feathers possessed by other breeds of the same size. They lay brown eggs and deal well with heat (which, of course, makes them perfect for our climate).

When I showed them to Grandma, she exclaimed, “What’s wrong with them?” It took me forever to convince her that they’re supposed to look like that. I don’t think she’s too crazy about our new birds, but I love them 🙂

We also had Cream Legbars to hatch at the same time, and a few days later, Silkies. The Legbars are a great addition to our flock (you know how much I love those auto sexing breeds), and who doesn’t love a Silkie?

Silkie chick.

Very soon, it’ll be time to unplug the incubators and take a break for winter, and that will mean no new chicks til next year. Unless, of course, I decide to try hatching emu eggs again. Hmm, now, there’s a thought 😉