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Two weekends ago, we set out for Georgia for my great uncle’s surprise birthday party.

My grandma and great uncle:


A few more pictures from that weekend.

Warner Robins Trip

 We had such a fantastic time: lots of great food, fun, and beautiful scenery. 


Did I mention the beautiful scenery? 


 I did? But it deserves another mention.


 I’m seriously thinking, ‘I have a pond, a hill, and I need a stream flowing down said hill into said pond.’


 With stepping stones. 


 But back to the fun times.

My grandmother looking at a photo of her parents. They had ten children. Yes, TEN! 


 And another photo of her father and a few of his many grandchildren. They had numerous grandchildren, even more great grandchildren, and so on. 

My Mom

 One thing that I’ve always been told about the Chappell family. Over and over again. They’re talkers. Almost everyone of them. Even yours truly at times.

And staging an impromptu photo shoot will probably result in a few outtakes.




 But getting together is always a lot of fun. . . 


 Hope you had a wonderful birthday Uncle Albert! And thank you for sharing it with us!!

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What Mother Means. . .

Wishing my mother a happy birthday today! And since, we have a deal (I don’t tell her age if she doesn’t tell mine), I’ll refrain from mentioning which birthday it is 😉


And to make this a little more special, here’s what Mother means to me. . . . 

Mama Because you’ll always be Mama to me no matter how old I get. 

October Because I’m your October baby

Teammate Because you’re my Teammate in all things goat and soap related. 

Help Because you’re always ready to Help anyone in need. 

Early Because unlike me, you’re an Early riser, and when I was a little girl, you’d wake me up early in the morning (too early) by singing, “You Are My Sunshine.” 

Reader Because, even though, you probably really didn’t want to you read to me from the same books over and over and over and over again just so I would turn into a Reader. Thank you 🙂


Happy Birthday Mama!


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30 Random Acts of Kindness Revealed.

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I thought I’d finally share my 30 Random Acts with you.

This year has been a little difficult; I’ve either been sick, injured, or recovering from either one of those, so it took a lot longer than I expected to complete. But I did finish them. Some were done multiple times, but I’m only counting them once. And there are probably a few I’m leaving out, but here we go!

1) Gave a stranger a sincere compliment.

2) Baked a cake for someone.

3) Returned a stranger’s shopping cart.

4) Gave a bottle of water to a Salvation Army bell ringer. (I was going to do coffee or hot cocoa, but it was a really hot day.)

5) Allowed someone to go ahead of me in line on Black Friday. (Does that mean it should count for two? No?)

6) Held a stranger’s place in line. (Also on Black Friday.)

7) Taped an envelope to a hospital vending machine with change in it.

vending mach

8) Left quarters in the toy vending machines at a store.

toy vending machines

9) Gave free bars of soap to customers.

10) Adopted a child from the angel tree.

11) Left laundry detergent pods at a laundromat.


12) Helped someone paint a room.

13) Fixed lunch for someone.

14) Gave a stranger a soda on a hot day.

15) Left five $1 bills in random places at Dollar Tree.

16) Held the door for someone.

17) Held the elevator for someone.

18) Left a 100% tip for a barista.

19) Paid for someone’s order behind me in line.

20) Left a book in a hospital waiting room.

21) Helped a stranger with a recipe in the grocery store.

22) Give free bath bombs to customers.

23) Donated old cell phone.

24) Donated old eyeglasses.

Donated Glasses

25) Gave someone the correct change at the grocery store.

26) Bought someone’s lunch.

27) Donated to the Boys and Girls Club.

28) Complimented a mom on her very well behaved child.

29) Hid coupons at the grocery store.

30) Helped a stranger with their shopping bags at a store.

And a few extras. . . .

31) Spent a day giving sincere compliments to everyone I talked to.

32) Donated 7500 Viggle points to the American Red Cross. Viggle is an app that allows you to check into television shows and earn points. You can then cash in those points for gift cards, merchandise, charitable donations, etc.


33) Bought something for a toy drive.

34) Shared a Redbox code for a free dvd rental with a stranger.


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September In Photos.

Looking through the photos I took in September, I realized I didn’t take that many.

A little advice, which is totally related to the above statement. . . . if you’re allergic to, oh, let’s say peanut dust (I know, it’s such a weird allergy, right?), possibly the worst place you could ever live is south Alabama. During fall.

In other words, peanut picking time. There aren’t enough antihistamines in the whole world to make September and October my favorite time of year.

Except I do love fall decorations. And fall food. And pumpkins. And college football. And, yeah, even fresh boiled peanuts.

And my birthday is in October. So, maybe I do like this time of year a little bit even if I do look like a sneezing, red eyed, sniffling hot mess.

But that’s for another day. Another post. Let’s get back to the topic at hand. . . .
September In Photographs

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you’ve most likely heard plenty about farm poodle, Bryony. And believe me, there is plenty more I could tell you about Bry (my absolutely, without a doubt spoiled to the brim dog).

Like, for instance, that I picked up 19 dog toys off the floor the other day Count ’em 19! I seriously need to teach her to put them back on her own 😉 But enough about my spoiled dog.

You may not know that I also have two Weimaraners: Remy and Hunter. My gray ghost dogs.

Hunter is my old guy, and turned eight years old in September.

And while, he was much more, uh, precocious than even Bry in his younger days. Yeah, precocious. . . . that makes it totally sound funny and cute, doesn’t it?

It wasn’t. At the time. It is, now. We’re talking Chew City. Nothing was off limits to my precocious little guy.

But Hunny’s mellowed out over the years into a very polite, quiet gentleman, and mostly spends his spare time practicing his favorite hobbies:





And catching some Zzzzzs.


Followed by, “Who can nap with you taking pictures of them, Ma?”



Mose also had a birthday last month. Three years ago our very spoiled donkey (who’s always ready for a selfie and acts more like a cross between a goat and a really big dog most days) entered this world early one morning.


The boy goats, meanwhile, are in rut. Big time! Which, if you’re not familiar with goats, just means that they’re acting like a bunch of hormonal, obnoxious, extremely smelly, lip curling teenagers that are concerned with one thing and one thing only. Girls. More specifically girl goats.


This is the time of year that I try not to touch the boys or honestly, even get too near them if I don’t have to. And only if I have old clothes on. And I’m not going anywhere special in the next day or two. The short and sweet of it. . . . they stink. And whoever said farming is glamorous?

In other goaty news, soap has been on the agenda lately. Lots of soap. . . .

Soap collage
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Oatmeal & Tupelo Honey, Lick Me All Over, Shades of Grey, and Lavender & Rosemary Shampoo Bar.

Check out the ombre action going on with Shades of Grey. How cool is that?

All four of the above soaps, along with a couple more, will be listed in our Etsy shop this week.