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Two weekends ago, we set out for Georgia for my great uncle’s surprise birthday party.

My grandma and great uncle:


A few more pictures from that weekend.

Warner Robins Trip

 We had such a fantastic time: lots of great food, fun, and beautiful scenery. 


Did I mention the beautiful scenery? 


 I did? But it deserves another mention.


 I’m seriously thinking, ‘I have a pond, a hill, and I need a stream flowing down said hill into said pond.’


 With stepping stones. 


 But back to the fun times.

My grandmother looking at a photo of her parents. They had ten children. Yes, TEN! 


 And another photo of her father and a few of his many grandchildren. They had numerous grandchildren, even more great grandchildren, and so on. 

My Mom

 One thing that I’ve always been told about the Chappell family. Over and over again. They’re talkers. Almost everyone of them. Even yours truly at times.

And staging an impromptu photo shoot will probably result in a few outtakes.




 But getting together is always a lot of fun. . . 


 Hope you had a wonderful birthday Uncle Albert! And thank you for sharing it with us!!

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I’m baaack!

After a week and one day of 404 errors and The Blank Screen of Death, I’m baack!

The culprit of my week of blogdom silence? A malicious little plugin that I thought I just had to have.

The good news from all of this, I’ve learned three very valuable lessons:

1) Backup

2) Backup

3) And when in doubt. . . BACKUP!!!

Expect several new posts in the coming days. And in the meantime, I’ll leave you with a recent picture of Austin (aka one of the two drop-off kitties from last year):


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My favorite thing. . .

. . . about this time of the year? One word.



The Jasmine vine that drapes over the fence that runs beside the county road is full of little white blooms and is scenting the air with its perfume.


I love this stuff so much, that around this time every year, I start thinking about jasmine scented soap. I have’t made one, yet, but one day!

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DIY Fail

You know how much I love to DIY any and everything. 

And most of the time my little projects turn out well. But sometimes, eh. Not so good. Even downright horrendous. 

Which brings me to my latest DIY disaster. . . Ombre hair. 


I love anything ombre, even Kardashian-esque highlighted hair. And when I was quoted a price starting at $100 (starting at — which would most likely quickly reach the higher echelons of that price with my thick hair). My cheap self said, ‘Nothing doing.’

But the above result? Not quite what I was expecting. And after three days, it was back to normal, everyday reddish brown for me. 



The moral of the story, other than, been there, done there, and moving on, is this: I will not be following a certain ombre kit’s instructions to the letter again. 

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What Mother Means. . .

Wishing my mother a happy birthday today! And since, we have a deal (I don’t tell her age if she doesn’t tell mine), I’ll refrain from mentioning which birthday it is 😉


And to make this a little more special, here’s what Mother means to me. . . . 

Mama Because you’ll always be Mama to me no matter how old I get. 

October Because I’m your October baby

Teammate Because you’re my Teammate in all things goat and soap related. 

Help Because you’re always ready to Help anyone in need. 

Early Because unlike me, you’re an Early riser, and when I was a little girl, you’d wake me up early in the morning (too early) by singing, “You Are My Sunshine.” 

Reader Because, even though, you probably really didn’t want to you read to me from the same books over and over and over and over again just so I would turn into a Reader. Thank you 🙂


Happy Birthday Mama!