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Looking for a deal? Try our 1 LB (One Pound) Clearance Soap bundle.

★What Is It?
All of our soap is made and cut by hand, which means that things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes soap overheats while in the mold and develops cosmetic defects. Sometimes bars are cut too small. Does any of that effect the quality of the soap? Not at all.

This is where you can save money.

★★★★What will you receive?
This listing is for 1 LB (One Pound) of our misfit and oops soaps. You could receive any of the soaps listed in our shop. You might also receive brand new soaps that aren’t listed in the shop yet. Or you might receive discontinued soaps that aren’t listed in the shop anymore.

Some bars will be square. While others might be round or oval. Some might be goat milk soaps and some might be other soaps (green tea, yogurt, rose clay facial, beer, pumpkin, and egg white facial to name a few). That’s the beauty of this listing, it’s a complete surprise and a bargain rolled into one. And who doesn’t love a bargain? I know I do!

In all, you will receive at least 3 bars of soap. However, since the weight of our clearance soaps vary, you might receive as many as 4 or 5 bars. As long as their combined weight is 1 LB and up.

Our products are SLS, paraben, and phthalate free. All soaps are made using the old fashioned cold process method with high quality ingredients including RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, unrefined shea butter, and non-deodorized cocoa butter.

Our goat milk soaps are made using undiluted milk from my very own herd of goats (check out pictures of our goats and other animals by visiting us on instagram @MaidenHillFarm).

*Ingredients vary depending on which products you receive. Each soap is labelled with the ingredients it contains, however, if you have any skin sensitivities or allergies, you might prefer one of our other shop listings.

Because this is for clearance/oops/discontinued soaps, I can’t fulfill special requests. However, if there is a specific soap that you’re interested in, feel free to convo me to find out if there is a clearance bar available in that scent. . . You never know, there just might be. Plus, I’m always happy to talk soap 😉

★★SIZE: While our full sized bars weigh at least 4 oz (most are actually closer to 5 oz), these are clearance bars. Some may weigh 4 oz or more while others might be slightly smaller. However, you will not receive our smaller guest sized (1 oz) soaps. You will however receive at least 3 bars of soap (most of the time, it’s usually 4 bars).

Shipping is usually very fast, and typically only takes 2 to 3 business days once shipped.

🌿🌿If you’re purchasing multiple items, feel free to convo me for a more accurate (and possibly cheaper) shipping estimate.

Be sure to check out our other available products: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MaidenHillFarm


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