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Our London and Edinburgh Trip.

I’m baack.

Actually, I’ve been back for about two weeks now. But I’m finally back, rested up from the trip, and completely finished filling all of the wholesale orders that I had received before the trip. 

Which means, it’s the perfect time to share a few photos/videos from the ultimate bucket list trip. Here goes. . . .

My travel companion.

20151005_162104 My poor mother, who I drug on more planes, trains, and automobiles, than either of us had ever even seen.


And even bicycles. In Hyde Park.


We saw London.





And Edinburgh.





We ate and ate and ate. From Burgers. . . .


To haggis (which was delicious). . . . 


To Irn Bru. Which, to me, tasted like a mix of bubblegum and orange soda. . . . I think I’m obsessed with it (by the way, Publix sells Irn Bru!).


Now, let me tell you something shocking.

If you’ve read this blog long, then you know that London was my favorite place in the world and always at the top of my Must-See Dream Trip List. And seeing it was fantastically amazing and better than I ever could have imagined, but. . . . Yes, there’s a but here. Edinburgh is at the top of that list now.

It was so awe-inspiring. The narrow, winding streets.


And closes and wynds.


The castle watching over the city.



The vaults and ghost tours.


And since most of the sights to see are concentrated in one main area, The Royal Mile. . . .


There was always something interesting around every corner. Edinburgh is such a wonderfully old, historical city that felt more like a small town (even though it’s population is just shy of 500,000). It felt like a waking dream to this history geek.

Actually, the whole trip did.


My mom enjoyed the trip, too. Which was totally surprising to her. Before we left, she made sure to tell everyone, “It’s her dream trip. I’m just along for the ride.” Shocker of shockers. . . As we were waiting for the plane to leave London and take us back to the US, she said, “Start saving because we’re coming back here.” 

Look for a post about the tips I learned on our trip and of course, a couple of London/Edinburgh inspired recipes coming up. . . . Scottish tablet candy, anyone? It’s delicious!

3 thoughts on “Our London and Edinburgh Trip.

  1. You forgot about Wales! Cardiff, Swansea, the West Coast, and quaint little towns. Glad you had a great time!

    1. Lol, I wish we could’ve seen everywhere you named and more. Especially more of the countryside instead of just cities. Next time, definitely 😀

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