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Homemade Shower Cleaner: Easy DIY Recipe

Today, I have a special guest post for y’all from Anna W. Take it away Anna!

Cleaning the shower in the bathroom is just as important as cleaning the toilet, the sink and the other parts of the place. By doing that regularly, you will be able to remove permanently the stubborn stains and also protect the head and the head and the other parts of this important device now and in the future. When it comes to cleaning, it is essential to have cleaning supplies with good quality and the right tools. Instead of spending a lot of money for various toxic products, however, you can simply make disinfecting solutions yourself. It is easy and cheap, and the best part of all is that you will be sure that your family is protected from dangerous chemicals. 


Disinfecting your shower daily would be best but, unfortunately, not all people can afford to do this that often. If you are one of them, there is no need to worry. It is possible to remove effectively all grim from the shower in your bathroom , even if you clean it once a week. Thanks to the excellent recipes for homemade shower cleaners NW6 MainCleaners will present to you in this article, you won’t have to worry about the looks of this device anymore.  

  • Destroying the hard water spots with white vinegar –

After a while you may notice that there are some unpleasant spots on your shower, which simply don’t want to disappear no matter what you do. Those are probably hard water spots, for which you will need a special cleaner. The ordinary cleaning supplies usually can’t help in a situation like this, so in this case you can just use white vinegar. Pour a small part of the product in a plastic bag and then attach it to your shower’s head with a cord. The vinegar should cover the entire head of the shower and you have to leave the plastic bag there for an hour or more. Then you can scrub the surface of the device and wash it with water. 

  • Special cleaning spray with essential oil –

There is a great recipe you can try, which will turn the cleaning of your shower into a pleasant task. You will need a clean spray bottle for the purpose, in which you will have to mix a little liquid dish soap with white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, lemon, or some other essential oil and water. Adding more than one essential oil to the mixture is also an option. Make sure that all ingredients mix well and then you can take a dry cloth and start cleaning your shower from top to bottom. 

  • Disinfecting with baking soda – 

Another great recipe for homemade shower cleaner includes baking soda, a little filtered water, castille soap and the essential oil that you like so much. This time you can mix the necessary ingredients in a bowl or some other container and in the end you will receive an effective cleaner in the form of a paste. You can apply it on those parts of your shower that need cleaning, then disinfect with a sponge or cloth and rinse in the end with cold water. 

Those are three of the best recipes for natural shower cleaners that you can prepare in your own home. Except that they will make the device sparkling clean, they will also save you a lot of money in the future. As you can see, all necessary ingredients are perfectly affordable, so you won’t have any problems preparing the special mixtures any time you like. The cleanness of your shower will be preserved for a long period of time and you won’t have to worry about chemical residue and unpleasant side effects. 


Anna W. is keen on green living and natural cleaning. She likes to make her own house cleaners and here she shares three of the best recipes for natural shower cleaners that you can prepare in your own home.

*I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you to Anna for some insightful tips! If you’re interested in being featured on a guest post, please contact me.

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