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The Last. . .

I was going to title this post, The Last.

Notice the period in bold? As in the The Last baby goats of the kidding season. Period

Then, I realized that two girls, who I was positive weren’t, are. Are, as in, enceinte, knocked up, preggers. Uh-huh.

In other words, expect a continuation of this post in the near future. Until then, let’s look at one of my favorite things in the world, baby goats.

Cue the awww! Cause they are definitely awww worthy 🙂

Starting with the eldest, Phil. 

IMG_4169Who enjoys letting everyone know that he’s the King of the Bucket.

IMG_4170Next up are the twins, who aren’t exactly as twinnish as you’d think. 

Sasha, the darker and more adventurous of the two.

IMG_4190And Sofia, the Mommy’s Girl.


IMG_4210Next are twins, Rosalind and Roscoe.

IMG_4269Roscoe is solid white. Kid you not. I have never had (or even seen) a solid white goat. 

By the way, pictured above is our brand new milking stand from Double Durango Ranch. I’ve been meaning to post all about it, and I will. Someday. 

Now, for the most recent addition: Lionel. 

IMG_4264Lionel is a very special boy. He’s the second Miniature Nubian bred on our farm, and the first little buckling. 

Miniature Nubians are an emerging breed originally developed by breeding a Nigerian Dwarf buck to a Nubian doe. Mini Nubians have the wonderful milking abilities of their Nubian ancestors, but the smaller stature of the Nigerian Dwarf ones, making them perfect for small homesteads like ours. 


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