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This Goat.

This goat is my heart goat <3


That particular information is on a need to know basis.

And the other goats definitely don’t need to know that. Cause they would be like, “What?!? What exactly are you saying woman?”

But seriously, how could I resist? Look at those ears.

And I do try to be as surreptitious as possible about it. Stealthy head scratches and whispered ‘Who’s Mama’s pretty girl?’ and all that. No need for hurt goat feelings here. 

Clare, by the way, is our very first Mini Nubian that was bred here. 

And she is a handful. A sweet, lovely handful that is as curious as they come. And is always wanting to know what is going on.


 Such as in the above photo, which was taken when I was outside snapping pictures of flowers the other day. 


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