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What Mother Means. . .

Wishing my mother a happy birthday today! And since, we have a deal (I don’t tell her age if she doesn’t tell mine), I’ll refrain from mentioning which birthday it is 😉


And to make this a little more special, here’s what Mother means to me. . . . 

Mama Because you’ll always be Mama to me no matter how old I get. 

October Because I’m your October baby

Teammate Because you’re my Teammate in all things goat and soap related. 

Help Because you’re always ready to Help anyone in need. 

Early Because unlike me, you’re an Early riser, and when I was a little girl, you’d wake me up early in the morning (too early) by singing, “You Are My Sunshine.” 

Reader Because, even though, you probably really didn’t want to you read to me from the same books over and over and over and over again just so I would turn into a Reader. Thank you 🙂


Happy Birthday Mama!


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