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You know you’re from Alabama when. . . . (cont.)

I shouldn’t be surprised, but one of the most popular posts on my little piece of blogdom is “You know you’re from Alabama when. . . .”

You Know You're From Alabama When. . .

Probably because a lot of it is totally and at times depressingly (and hilariously) true. 

Us Alabamians are definitely a unique species all our own. We’re fun-loving, family oriented, football mad, fried food obsessed folks. We really are *nods head*.

And that one post illustrates us perfectly.

So when I read 30 Things You Never Thought You’d Miss After Leaving Alabama (which you totally need to check out. . . . hilarious), I thought, ‘Why not add a few more?’ 

Here we go.

You know you’re from Alabama when. . . . . 

You still have nightmares of the 2014 Icepocalypse. I do.

You see this

weather forecast

and start to panic. Or maybe that’s just if you live on a farm in Alabama. I panicked, by the way. Good news, everyone survived. Even me. Barely.

You start out most winter mornings bundled up, and by the end of the day, you’re shedding clothes and wishing for shorts. 

You hear news reports of 90 degree heatwaves in other places, and your first thought is, “Seriously?”

In the middle of July/August, you pray for a 90 degree heatwave.

You know which part of Alabama the Wiregrass is in. Southeast, y’all!

You know the meaning of the following words: bookoodle, thingamajig, doohickie, and whale-a-gator. Did I spell ’em right?

You announce you’re going for a walk, and the response is, “Be careful, snakes are crawling.” 

You sing along to Sweet Home Alabama every single time it comes on. Practically mandatory if you’re an Alabamian.

You can name at least four ways to cook okra off the top of your head. Let me try! Fried, boiled, scrambled, pickled. There are more, trust me, not to mention all the different recipes.

The only ice cream is Blue Bell Ice Cream. Unless of course, it’s from DQ.

You read the one listed above and started singing the jingle from the Blue Bell commercials.  

You know someone who could be the inspiration behind Jeff Foxworthy’s You Might Be A Redneck If. . . 

You’re related to someone who could be the inspiration behind Jeff Foxworthy’s You Might Be A Redneck If. . .

The one bone-chillingly cold day a year comes around, and you freeze. Why? Your winter clothes aren’t much warmer than your summer ones. 

You’ve thought of something to add to this list. 

Stay tuned because I’m sure there will be more. 

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