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Santa Clause Comes To Town.

Can you guess where we went today?

20141213 13-57-07 - DSC_1905

To see Santa!

Every year, the S.O.S. animal shelter in Enterprise, AL hosts a meet Santa event, and nearly every year, we stop by. 

The girls were very excited. Mostly I think to have the chance to tell him their Christmas lists.

Which I’m sure include lots of doggy cookies and squeaky toys. 

20141213 13-57-50 - DSC_1928As happy as they were to meet the jolly fellow himself (Sophie didn’t want to leave. . . seriously, the shy dog that doesn’t really like strangers couldn’t bear to leave his side), can you guess what Bryony did when she got home?

Here’s a little photo hint. . . . 

Bryony Yawning

Yep, a good long nap. Apparently, all of the excitement of seeing Santa and the other dogs there, plus a little shopping at PetSense, wore her out. 

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