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Burlap Tree Skirt

I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this out there:

I usually go naked. . . . As in, no skirt under the Christmas tree. 

What’d you think I was talking about? 😉

But after perusing the Christmas decor at TJ Maxx and seeing this beautiful ruffled burlap tree skirt, I decided our tree needed clothes. Like yesterday. 

The only problem – the skirt was $30. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little frugal. Okay, okay, I’m downright cheap. And it’s Christmas time, which means my budget is already tight.

Being a lover of anything DIY and Pinterest, I decided to make one of my own.

Burlap Tree Skirt

Tree Skirt

I’m going to be honest with you, it took longer than I thought (at least 4 hours of cutting, gluing, and glue burns), and about halfway through, I was started wishing I was a little less frugal.

But it turned out beautifully, and the fact that I made it myself makes this tree skirt so much more memorable than if I’d just bought it. 

Tree Skirt3

Items Needed:

3 yards of burlap

1 inexpensive tree skirt

Hot glue gun


and last, but not least, time and patience


I found a 56 inch tree skirt from Fred’s for $5 to use as a base, but you can certainly recycle an old skirt instead. 

Tree Skirt 4

Cut the burlap into strips about 1 1/2 – 2 inches wide. This is where it starts to get messy. And I mean really messy. By the end, there was burlap everywhere

And since it was everywhere, it was a good thing I had some help. . . . 

Sophie and tree skirt

I had the hardest time keeping Miss Sophie off of this project, so I eventually gave up.

Start off by gluing the end of the first burlap strip to the bottom edge of the base tree skirt. Then, using your fingers crimp the burlap to create ruffles, securing each ruffle with glue.

Tree Skirt 5

Tree Skirt 6

Continue repeating the last two steps until you’re finished. 

Then, trim the frayed bits of burlap (something I was able to do only after coaxing Sophie and teddy off of it – I’m telling you, I think she was convinced I was making a new bed for her) and enjoy!

Sophie and tree skirt2



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