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Second and Third.

Simon may have been the first kid of the season for us, but he’s not the last!

On Thursday (the day little Simon was born), I noticed that Bianca (aka B.B. – because all of our goats have nicknames, don’t you know?), had bagged up (meaning she had milk) and she was losing her plug (meaning, and we’re about to get a little TMI here, there was a string of clear discharge hanging from her, uh, nether regions). Both signs of nearing kidding. 

Fast forward to Saturday morning, the clear string of goop had turned amber in color (amniotic fluid, and a huge sign that kidding is imminent). B.B.’s tail was arching down and she was stretching a lot (contractions), and all the while, softly baa’ing.

Naturally, I told her, “It’s a stall day for you, girlfriend.” She quickly agreed, and the goat who hates to be confined, eagerly followed me in to the maternity house to her stall. 

By afternoon, these two little guys had made their entry to the world.

BB's Kids

 Meet Bainbridge. . . . 


 And Bart.




And all three boys together:


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