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Distressing Makeover.

Last month when I was getting all change-happy and literally in the mood to transform everything, I set my sights on one particular area of my bedroom.

Which has long been in need of a makeover. But, yeah, I procrastinate a little too much sometimes. Just call me Miss Better Late Than Never.

That’s my name and I’m sticking to it. Now, let’s get back on topic.

So, my bedroom is just now making it back on my to-do list. Or, not my whole bedroom, just this one particular spot over by the window where I used to have an old big box store desk that was, honestly, only ever used as a catch-all. Got to go.

That led me to a little bit of thrift store shopping (the second best kind of shopping. . . the first best kind being, in yours truly’s opinion, when you have money in your pocket to burn and it’s Black Friday; oh yeah! But that’s a little off topic.)

Actually, what led me to hit the thrift stores was seeing this gorgeous distressed turquoise table with drawers that I absolutely had to have. Until I saw the price tag. $300. Yeah, 300 bucks for a very tiny table with a couple of drawers. No thanks. I can do my own for way less.

So, after hitting up a couple of thrift stores, I saw this 70s-esque table for about 20 bucks – Groovy, baby!



And perfect for what I wanted to do. Of course, it doesn’t look like much in the above picture. I know, I know, I’m horrible at remembering to take Before pictures, and apparently not getting any better about it. Just be happy I remembered to snap the one I did.

But back to the Distressing Makeover. . . .

First, I sanded it down so the paint would have an even surface to adhere to. Next, I wiped it down really well to remove any dust and debris.

Then, it was time for the paint. Turquoise!

After it dried, I did a second coat. Then, after that dried, finally it was time to get down to the nitty gritty and start distressing the table with a fine grit sandpaper before wiping it down to remove all of the dust.

Then, ta da!



(I just noticed that the top drawer isn’t pushed all the way in. Dang it! Well, not going to go retake the picture.)




Did it cost $300? Nope, not even close. Under $30 to be a little more precise. And with a neat little chair (plus a couple other things like a shoeshine box and chevron material for a pillow) that caught my eye, under $50 in all.



cat in distressed chair

I think this little guy totally approves!

(By the way, the little guy is Bella, the other of the two drop off kitties in this post.)

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