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30 Random Acts of Kindness Revealed.

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I thought I’d finally share my 30 Random Acts with you.

This year has been a little difficult; I’ve either been sick, injured, or recovering from either one of those, so it took a lot longer than I expected to complete. But I did finish them. Some were done multiple times, but I’m only counting them once. And there are probably a few I’m leaving out, but here we go!

1) Gave a stranger a sincere compliment.

2) Baked a cake for someone.

3) Returned a stranger’s shopping cart.

4) Gave a bottle of water to a Salvation Army bell ringer. (I was going to do coffee or hot cocoa, but it was a really hot day.)

5) Allowed someone to go ahead of me in line on Black Friday. (Does that mean it should count for two? No?)

6) Held a stranger’s place in line. (Also on Black Friday.)

7) Taped an envelope to a hospital vending machine with change in it.

vending mach

8) Left quarters in the toy vending machines at a store.

toy vending machines

9) Gave free bars of soap to customers.

10) Adopted a child from the angel tree.

11) Left laundry detergent pods at a laundromat.


12) Helped someone paint a room.

13) Fixed lunch for someone.

14) Gave a stranger a soda on a hot day.

15) Left five $1 bills in random places at Dollar Tree.

16) Held the door for someone.

17) Held the elevator for someone.

18) Left a 100% tip for a barista.

19) Paid for someone’s order behind me in line.

20) Left a book in a hospital waiting room.

21) Helped a stranger with a recipe in the grocery store.

22) Give free bath bombs to customers.

23) Donated old cell phone.

24) Donated old eyeglasses.

Donated Glasses

25) Gave someone the correct change at the grocery store.

26) Bought someone’s lunch.

27) Donated to the Boys and Girls Club.

28) Complimented a mom on her very well behaved child.

29) Hid coupons at the grocery store.

30) Helped a stranger with their shopping bags at a store.

And a few extras. . . .

31) Spent a day giving sincere compliments to everyone I talked to.

32) Donated 7500 Viggle points to the American Red Cross. Viggle is an app that allows you to check into television shows and earn points. You can then cash in those points for gift cards, merchandise, charitable donations, etc.


33) Bought something for a toy drive.

34) Shared a Redbox code for a free dvd rental with a stranger.


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