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The Monster Papaya.

You read that right, and it is definitely a monster of a papaya tree.

I bought this cute little plant (barely a foot tall in height at the time) off the clearance shelf back in May. Three bucks – uh-uh, no way I was gonna pass that up! If you’ve read this blog long, then you know I’m all about a good clearance sale.

So, I brought it home (along with a few other clearance plants. . . . okay, more like ten. Ish.) and planted it at the very edge of our hillside close to the waterfowl breeding pens thinking, ‘Well, putting it here, maybe it’ll help a little with the erosion.’ Because erosion has been the buzzword this year on our farm.

Living on a hill is good for some things (like, say, if you’re worried about flooding), but it’s not good if you have what seems like, literally, a 1000 springs on your scant six acres of property. Those two things do not always mix well. In fact, they can be downright nightmarish.

But enough about my nightmares and back to The Monster Papaya. Which just sounds nightmarish. It’s actually not.

My tiny, lil old papaya plant has taken on a life of its own and is now almost as tall as I am (and this girl is about 5’11”). And I swear to you, every time I look at it, it’s bigger. Really, it is.


But I suspect, it’s not down to some radiation inspired Hulk-like growth or anything else of that nature. Or let’s hope not. No, it’s probably the rich fertilizer from the waterfowl that has lead to such a huge growth spurt.

And do you know what, it’s just loaded with little papayas.

Now, before I sign off, I have a little confession to make. . . . I don’t even really like papayas. :/

Huh, maybe that’s the nightmarish part this post. All those papayas. What am I gonna do? :/ Hmm.

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