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Happy 86th!!!

Guess who celebrated their 86th birthday yesterday?

Grandma did!

Of course, we had to have a little celebration. With cake. You can never forget cake! And ice cream. If you have birthday cake, you gotta have ice cream, am I right?

Bryony even got in a festive mood, and you gotta know I’m going to post the obligatory dog-in-a-hat photo. Or tiara, in this case.
Bryony does love her Grandma. And the feeling is mutual. In fact, I overheard G-ma talking to Bry the other day and telling her, “Who’s Grandmama’s pretty baby? You are!” They’ve even started taking naps together every afternoon 😉 But enough about that, and back to the real message of this post. . . . 
Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

One thought on “Happy 86th!!!

  1. How nice! Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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