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If it’s possible to be in love with a porch, then I’m in love with ours.

Or at least, I am now. Before a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t. But do you know what? A little paint can transform even the dingiest, most boring back porch into a masterpiece.

Well, certainly not a Picasso-Michelangelo-Titian type of masterpiece, but definitely a masterpiece of the I-usually-can’t-paint-anything-and-have-it-look-even-halfway-decent variety.

I completely forgot to take a before picture (something I’m developing a habit of), so I did a little digging and found a picture from a while back. With chickens, of course. This is me, after all 🙂

And now, for the transformation process. Sans chickens.

A little Glidden Porch & Floor Slip Resistant Paint in battleship gray, some cheaper exterior porch & trim paint in white, and a whole lotta painter’s tape:
So much better, am I right? 
And it only took me four days to do it. Truth be told, I think that’s mainly because I’m still limping around a little bit. And to give you an update on my little mishap from several weeks ago. . . .  My ankle has healed fine and hardly ever even hurts a little, but the foot sprain is taking its sweet time to heal. At least, I no longer have to drag around the walking boot (and in this hot weather, you have no idea how glad I am of that) and have moved on to wearing a brace instead. All in all, I dread mornings and walking down any steps. Ouch. 
Back to the porch. Next up are the steps on the side of the house and the front porch. Considering how long the above project took to complete, I’m thinking the next two will take at least a week together. But they’ll look so much better.

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  1. I love paint! Although as I get older and my health deteriorates it’s harder for me to do, it’s still one of my favorite ways to change up a space. The porch is night and day! You did a wonderful job! PS: I’m a painter’s tape kinda gal myself!

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