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6 Great Light Fixtures You Can Buy Today

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post that I was compensated for, but the following opinions about two certain decades and its aesthetics are entirely my own.

As a child of the 80s and 90s, there are many things that I love about both decades:

1) The Golden Girls (Obviously.)
2) Cabbage Patch Kids.
3) The Jerry Springer Show.
4) Dolly Parton movies.
5) Ronald Reagan.
6) Calculator watches.
7) Lifetime movies.
8) Nintendo.

But let’s face it, neither decade is known for being full of fabulous design elements. Fabulous at the time, sure, but now? No. Definitely not all that and a bag of chips. Case in point, this chandelier that my mother bought (and I helped pick out) a few years ago.

While this one was bought in the mid 2000s, it definitely has the whole 80s – 90s brassy, over the top look going on. So much so, that I’m convinced it had been sitting on the store’s shelves ever since then just waiting for some temporarily insane person (cause seriously, I had to be to pick it out. . .  and my mother, too, to go along with it) to come along and exclaim, “Why, it’s perfect!”

But I’ve woken up. Seen the light and all that. And as soon as I find the perfect replacement that we both agree on (and no brass!), it’s out of here. Gone like Donkey Kong. No more, no more, no more, no more.

In the meantime, check out these great ideas and inspiration from Crescent Harbor Modern:

6 Great Light Fixtures You Can Buy Today

Have your overhead lights been in place since the ’70s? It’s high time you replaced your old, boring fixtures with something more contemporary and stylish. The good news is that there are a number of amazing lighting options you can order online and have installed within the week. Here are just six ideas if you’re looking for better, brighter and more beautiful light.

1: 126C12 Soho by Varaluz Twelve Light Chandelier

With handmade piastra glass falling in a cascade around a dozen bulbs, this chandelier is sure to become a talking point among your guests.

2: D1428 Penbrook Floor Lamp by Haute Couture

Pixar, is that you? Accentuate any living room or den with the iconic curvature of this famous floor lamp.

3: 3174 Dichroix 4 Light Bar Pendant by Sonneman Lighting

Add a little flair to your kitchen with these multicolored bar lights that will look great over an island or set into the wall.

4: 113-42 Interior Two Light Pendant By Corbett Lighting

Bronze and iron swirl together to create this geometrically magnificent pendant light by the artists of Corbett Lighting.

5: Crystorama Lighting 1064 Traditional Crystal 4 Light Mini Chandelier

Perfect for smaller homes, this mini-chandelier offers all the brightness of its bigger cousins but for a fraction of the cost.

6: BW6023 Celestial 3 Light Wall Lamp by Trend Lighting

Shaped with wire and silver nickel, these power puffs live up to their celestial name by being both cute and otherworldly. They’ll look amazing in a child’s playroom!

If you’re looking for a new way to jazz up your interior design, these are just six lights for the job. Visit retailers like Crescent Harbor Modern to find even more.

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