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Speaking Of. . . .

ETA: This post was meant to be published on Sunday night, but I never got around to it. Then, yesterday, I accompanied Grandma to a doctor’s appointment. By the way, an update on her mysterious gastrointestinal malady. . . . after a lot of doctors’ visits and tests, she was finally diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis (which is apparently a rarer type of colitis) and diverticulitis. She’s being treated and should start improving soon. Now, back to your regularly scheduled program . . . .
Speaking of quail. Because that’s what we were doing, right?

When I got home from Geneva on Sunday, my sweet, young quail had a surprise for me.

They’re laying! Can you believe it? I can’t 🙂 But they are, and they’re practically egg laying wizards.

In the ensuing days, they’ve laid every single day. I’ve let them know that they’re very good girls.

I’m thinking it’s getting time to do an egg line-up picture – what about you? 
Of course, I’ve since learned something about quail that I didn’t know. . . they can apparently be aggressive little boogers, especially during breeding season. A couple of days ago, I noticed three of the five were all of a sudden sporting bloody heads. Not good. And to think they’re some of the friendliest birds we have. . . . but only with us apparently, not each other. 
So, after separating the injured parties from the suspected offenders, then catching the escapees (who were surprisingly easy to catch. . . seriously, was not expecting that) and a liberal application of Blu-Kote, I’m happy to report that they’re already showing signs of healing. 
By the way, if you’ve never heard of Blu-Kote and aren’t quite sure what it is. . . it’s an antiseptic spray that coats anything it touches in a hard-to-rid-yourself-of purple hue. Such as, my hand:
I’ve even happier to say that after a lot of hot-as-I-could-stand-it water, a pedicure brush, and a big bar of soap, my hands are no longer quite so colorful. The quail, however, still purple. 
Which is good, exactly what I want. Birds are attracted to the color red (in other words, blood and inflamed skin) and the purple coating serves to mask that color and minimize any further picking so they heal in peace. Which makes me happy. The quail. . . . not so much. They are totally not feeling the whole purple look. Particularly, this one:
I think she’s been taking stink eye lessons from Jim Bob.

4 thoughts on “Speaking Of. . . .

  1. So glad to hear your Grandma’s health problem has finally been diagnosed. Hope she’s feeling a bit more comfortable now.

    1. Thank you so much <3 She’s feeling a lot better, but still not 100%. Her doctor said that by the time she’s through with her treatment, she should be back to normal *fingers crossed*

  2. I love reading about your animals! That and the quail/their eggs are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I really enjoy sharing the pics and stories about them 🙂

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