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Mother Goose.

Bryony has a new little charge named Sissy. And she is so proud of her. But then, Bryony loves anything that she can help mother. And boy, does she ever.

Bryony and Sissy.

When Sissy was still in the incubator and waiting to come out, Bry spent most of her time looking in at her and literally, checking on her every few minutes. And now that she’s in a brooder, well, Bryony’s right there wanting to check on her “baby”.

Sissy is a Pilgrim gosling (the only one to hatch out of the ones in the incubator) by the way, and she also happens to be Aubrieanne and Otto‘s first daughter together. Yep, Aubrie finally found a mate and actually laid fertilized eggs 🙂

As an aside, Aubrieanne isn’t the only one that’s recently gained a new mate (or I should say in the future). Remember my pretty Cream Legbar girl that just started laying beautiful blue eggs? She also happens to be single and ready to mingle. Well, tomorrow, I’ll be going to Dothan, AL to pick her up a MAN. And by that I obviously mean a man of the roosterly variety. Fertile Legbar eggs here I come! Woohoo!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother’s Day this weekend. Our two newest mothers (Aubrie and yep, we’ll include Bryony in that list. . . . considering she’s doing way more mothering than Aubrie is) certainly did!

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