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Miss May Part Two

My latest guest post is up on the Alabama Women Bloggers website! Woohoo! Be sure to check it out, here.

This week’s is all about gardening with plants native to Alabama. Did you know when I was doing a little research on the topic (because I literally research everything! Really, I do) I found out something kind of neat? Alabama is home to so many wonderful native plants that we are 5th most floristically diverse state in the whole US. I mean, there are tons of native plants to choose from.

Rabbiteye blueberries, which happen to be native to Alabama.

Oooh! And those blueberries above. They’re mine! Yep, I think my thumb might finally be taking on a greenish hue 🙂

And before I forget, stay tuned for next week’s installment. I’m currently working on it, and I’ll leave you with a little hint, it involves paint. And gardening. Hmmm.

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