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Miss May Part Three

My third guest post as the Alabama Women Bloggers blogger of the month is up! You can see it here.

I had so much fun doing the garden project in the post, not least of all because I’m a huge Auburn fan. War Eagle!!!!

I hope you all have enjoyed reading the posts. Next week will be the very last one, and you may just see a familiar face in it. One word. . . Leon. All grown up and showing off his best lip curling expression, of course.

You might also see one of our Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. I had a little impromptu photo session with him and one of our Naked Neck girls yesterday afternoon, and since they’re some of our friendliest chickens they were very cooperative models.

But I went with Mr. Wyandotte’s picture, instead, for the guest post. Mainly because I wasn’t sure if people would take one look at and who plucked her feathers off.  

Thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoy reading each and every comment!

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