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Growing Up Selfie

When we first got Bryony, she and I took a selfie the very next day after getting home (which also happened to be my birthday).

That’s one of my favorite pictures.

After being so heartbroken about Verity’s passing, just having Bryony to take our minds off of Verity was a huge relief. I still thought about Verity everyday (and honestly, still do), but having a puppy who was. . .  well, a little bit of a wildcat to look after, really helped.

Bryony has grown out of those wildcat tendencies now (somewhat 😉 ) and I’ll let you in on a little secret about her. The obedience command that she is absolutely excellent at is (not surprising, since it’s the one she’s heard the most lol) “Drop it.”

Even though her personality is so different than Verity’s was, they do share something in common. Verity was my right hand buddy, and so is Bryony.

So, when I wanted to take an updated profile picture for the ALWB Blogger of the Month, of course, Bryony had to be in a couple, too (I’m one of those people that takes multiple pictures of everything, by the way).

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