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Sad News.

Sad news to report. . . . Grandma (one of our Pekin ducks and one of our oldest ducks) passed on to Rainbow Bridge on Thursday.

Grandma in the front and Grandpa in the background 
during one of their many jaunts to the pond.

It was something that I’ve been expecting for a while – when Grandma came to live with us a few years ago, she was already a waterfowl senior citizen.

We’re all going to miss her, but no one more so than her companion, Grandpa.

2 thoughts on “Sad News.

  1. Awwww, so sorry to hear about Grandma 🙁 Poor Grandpa x

  2. So sorry you lost Grandma. Our lovely birds and animals bring us so much joy and leave us with some wonderful memories.

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