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Just a word of warning  that I got a new camera for Christmas – a Canon Rebel T3i. Woohoo! You know what that means, don’t you? It means, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks going picture snapping crazy. . . we’re talking hundreds of pictures. You could say that me and the new camera have been joined at the hip. . . um. . . or hand, maybe. And I think I may be finally starting to understand how to use it. Finally. So, expect to see lots of pictures in this post. Some good (hopefully), and some not so good (hopefully not too many of those). One thing you won’t be seeing is goat porn. I’ve taken tons of pictures of the back ends of goats this month, you know, since we have several girls due to kid. But I totally promise, not going to torture you with those. No way.

Based on the daggers that Jim Bob is shooting me in this one, he was completely over being a model. In fact, I can just about hear what he was probably thinking. . . “Go ahead, make my day.”

Unlike Jim Bob, Sammy is always happy to pose for me. You rock, Sammy Boy!! He really is a sweetheart, though. . . definitely more than James Robert. And I could never get tired of his adorable blue eyes. Sammy’s, that is. Not Jim Bob’s. He’d probably peck my eye out, especially if I had a camera in tow.

Remember that I said I’ve been on baby watch with our goats? Well, Sadie No Name delivered our first kids of 2014. Unfortunately, we lost one of the boys the very first night. I hate when that happens, but it’s a part of farm life. A very sad part, but one that is at times unavoidable.

The surviving twin is inside with us, now, and this is what we’ve been doing all week. His name is Dempsey. Isn’t he cute? Both he and his twin were so unbelievably tiny and I’m fairly certain they were a little premature. Right now, Dempsey is snuggled up in his playpen napping. Yeah, I have a goat in a playpen in the house. . . that’s just the way I roll.

This week has been full of ups and downs, and not just with animals. I’m talking temperature wise, too. On Tuesday, it was so cold that our pond was covered in ice from one end to the other. I know that may not seem like a big deal to anyone who experienced those terrible sub-zero temps last week, and I totally agree. It doesn’t compare. But I’ve never seen a frozen pond before! I mean, never. Well, in movies and pictures, but that doesn’t count.

Our second set of twins for the year chose to wait until after the ice had melted and the frigid temperatures were gone to make their debut (two little doelings, too!). Sorry, no pictures yet, but one girl is solid black and the other is a sort of. . . well, I’m not sure what her color is called in goats, but in poodles it would be cafe au lait. Picture the color of coffee with cream. Very pretty.

Clara, by the way, is just glad that it’s warmed up and she doesn’t have to help me break the ice in her water anymore. And of course, that I’m not waking her up three times a night to check on her and the other goats. Now, I’m back down to checking on them once a night.

Meanwhile, Hunter heard that #animalselfies have really taken off and he decided to try out my camera and get in on the action.

And to close this post, a little proof that I’m not a complete gardening serial killer.

An orchid! Can you believe it? I sure can’t.

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