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Playing with goats.

One of the things that I really love about bottle babies are how friendly and playful they are. That’s certainly true with our babies.

We have three bottle babies right now (Dempsey, Dante, and the lone girl, Brunhilda), and they can be a barrel of laughs sometimes. Like this weekend, when I took the Two D’s out for a little playtime (little Brunhilda remained inside with Nanny – that’s Human-Nanny, not goat nanny, or as she’s better known, my mother). 
Dante (he’s the lighter colored of the two boys) used playtime to perfect his bouncing skills. 
Dante: Look, Dempsey. No hands! 
Dante: It’s fun. . . You try it!
Dempsey: How’s this?
Dante: Um. . . . . We’ll work on it, brother. Before you know it, you’ll be leaping and bounding around just like me!
I can definitely see the maternal resemblance coming through with the boys, especially Dante. His mom (Dara a.k.a. Big Mama nee Mean Mama) was routinely compared to a deer when we first got her four years ago. Mainly due to her attempts to leap over fences or anything else in the way. She was very skittish and leery of people, but with love and time (and don’t forget treats. . . lots of treats) she came around. Now, there’s no way she’d leap over anything to get away from us. . . leaping over something to get to us, though, that’s another story. 
Now, back to playtime, which ended unceremoniously with a well-deserved nap.
 Or not.

2 thoughts on “Playing with goats.

  1. oh my goodness! That is just the cutest thing watching him bounce! Can’t wait to show my daughter in the morning! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are absolutely delightful! What a joy to watch them bouncing around.

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