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BuildDirect Review.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. However, it was completely written by me and contains my opinions. 

Now, I mentioned a couple of months ago that living in an older, mid-century house is not easy or fun. Really, it’s not. If it’s not one thing tearing up, then it’s another. There’s always something going wrong or falling apart, or something new that needs to be repaired. It feels like a never ending cycle sometimes.

Last year, it was the shower in the small bathroom that needed replacing. A shower that our contractor described as having “come over on the Mayflower”. Yep, it was that old. And leaky. And wobbly. You might say, that every time I stepped foot in it was an adventure.

The floors in both bathrooms also needed replacing due to severe rotting, the central air unit finally breathed its last, and we needed new insulation throughout the house, too. By the way, I can tell a big difference since the insulation was added. Until the polar vortex last week, we hadn’t even needed a fire and we’ve barely turned the heat on either.

Then, of course, we needed flooring put down in the bathrooms to replace the old. It was scheduled to be put down sometime after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the tile installer is really behind and still hasn’t gotten to us. Which is a complete bummer because I picked out the prettiest walnut colored wood tile that I’m in love with. Actually, Bryony helped me pick it out. She has good taste.

All I can say right now, is that I wish I had known about BuildDirect before picking it out. They have an amazing wood tile selection available to choose from. Not to mention, laminate flooring, hardwood, carpet, and a whole lot more. Too much, in fact, to name it all. I could spend hours on their site browsing and coming up with ideas for the house. And I have today.

Just read the BuildDirect reviews. Their customers are overwhelmingly happy with the service they’ve received. Some of the highlights of those reviews mention super fast shipping, great prices, and excellent customer service. You can also check out their Facebook page here.

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  1. I personally had a terrible experience with BuildDirect flooring. Got a defective product, which structurally failed, and was documented in a certified wood flooring inspectors report as “manufacturing responsibility.” BuildDirect failed to honor their warranty. BuildDirect cannot be sued in small claims court since their terms of service waives your right to do so. Avoid Build Direct!!!

    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had such a bad experience with them 🙁 I’ve certainly had similar problems with companies like that before so I know how frustrating it can be. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment about it and wishing you the best of luck in the future.

    2. I saw the conversation this man had with a BuildDirect Rep. on another website and what he fails to mention is that he purchased wood flooring that was not suitable for the humidity in his region. When I installed cork flooring in my kitchen I new It was a bad idea. Now I have to replace the water damaged cork but I am owning up to the mistake.The BuildDirect Rep. offered to remove the damaged flooring and give him a discount on the new flooring. I plan on buying tile from them this week because they are way cheaper than their competitors.

    3. While doing research I encountered the same story: I read multiple conversations on numerous websites about this guy who got the Santos Vanier as well- maw709. The understanding was that the humidity range provided by BuildDirect disqualifies most major US cities. They then use that as a clause to avoid liability. There are multiple complaints against this company by numerous people, but less than Lumber Liquidators – According to the BBB. I’m still considering buying woodfloors from BD, they have by far the lowest prices – I’m just highly dubious of the quality. The most favorable reviews are only on the BD website rather than aggregate review websites. Also, Maw709 the lack in balance in your analysis of that incident makes me suspect you represent the company.

  2. Thank you for being transparent and open enough to allow my comment.

  3. I am the individual who has posted on my horrible experience with Vanier Santos mahogany engineered flooring purchased from Build Direct that widely delaminated and BuildDirect failed to honor their structural warranty. MAW 709 states above that I “purchased wood flooring that was not suitable for the humidity in his region.” My response to that comment would be that based on the warranty humidity range that BuildDirect requires (35-55%) AT ALL TIMEs , that there is virtually NOT A SINGLE HOME IN THE UNITED STATES that is suitable. Please do not take my word for it and google the average humidity levels (both day and night and for different seasons) for any U.S. city. You will find there is virtually not a single city located in the United States that will not fall outside the required humidity levels at some point (i.e. nightime vs daytime or during different seasons). Please note that these average levels of course do not account for fluctuations during rain when certainly you can expect the humidity levels to be much higher than 55%.

    So in other words the humidity requirements are a scam that can be used to void a warranty on virtually 100% of the flooring that they sell if an inspector happens to come on a day and time when they vary from the unrealistic requirements.
    Secondly I would ask why would BuildDirect sell and directly ship to a location that they should know will not meet their humidity requirements? Thirdly, BuildDirect likes to make statements that their product meets the highest quality standards. This is also false. The highest standards (HPVA 2009) for engineered flooring state that delamination (which occurred in the flooring they sold me) should not occur even after three consecutive soakings in water and then bakes in an oven. So by definition, if their product met the highest standards, then what they sold me was defective since it delaminated after proper acclimation after simply being installed and never having been exposed to water or baking.

    As a last bit of proof that MAW709 preposition thatI purchased “flooring that not suitable for humidity in his region,” is incorrect, I ended up tearing up all of the newly installed BuildDirect flooring that had widely delaminated. I replaced it with wood flooring that was the same species (Santos Mahogany), also engineered flooring, same number of plies. If MAW709 statement was correct, this flooring should have delaminated as well. After nearly two years the flooring remains beautiful without any delamination. This is proof positive that the delamination had nothing to do that I installed wood flooring that was not appropriate for humidity in my home since the home is the same, the humidity levels are the same as they were before, the flooring product is also Santos Mahogany engineered flooring. The only difference is that I did not have defectively manufactured product from BuildDirect. By the way this conclusion was supported by an independent certified wood flooring experts report citing the cause of the delamination in the BuildDirect product as, and I quote, “manufacturing responsibility.” Stay away from this company!!!

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