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Baby, it’s cold outside.

The Weather ChannelWTVY, and Siri all predict a low of 14 degrees for us on Monday. Weather Underground is just slightly more optimistic with a prediction of 15 degrees. It could be worse. I mean, it could be sixty below.

While, I’m usually the type of person that loves everything about winter, even thinking about temperatures in the teens has me ready to swear to never, ever complain about hot weather or Alabama summers again.

Who am I kidding, right?. . . Just as soon as the first summery day dawns, I’ll be at it again and wishing myself (and the animals) somewhere, anywhere cooler.

 No matter, we’re doing all we can to keep us and the animals warm and cozy. Some of the goats are even rocking clearance Christmas sweaters (I just love a good after Christmas bargain, don’t you?).

Fashionista Luna, by the way, is rocking a total eighties look. And totally loving it, too. In fact, I think she’d be in here rifling through my bathroom cabinet looking for the crimping iron. That is, if she had longer hair and could open the door. Good thing she can’t.
Meanwhile, wouldn’t you know our first kids of 2014 made their debut into the world today. Both are boys (One brown quieter little guy and one black and white little guy that is loud. And a talker. He must get that from me, right?), and both are tucked up snug in their beds in what has now been dubbed the maternity ward with mommy, Sadie No Name, right now. Let’s just hope that the first babies of the year being bucklings isn’t a sign that our almost-all-male curse is back in full force this year. But I bet it does. You want roosters? Trust me, I can hatch them out. Easy. Bucklings? Definitely. Hens? Doelings? Not likely. 
No matter, these guys are so adorable that I don’t mind. Much. 
Try to keep safe and warm everyone! As for me, I’m going out to check on the boys one more time before bed. 

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