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Fall Colors.

With our warmer temperatures, it takes a little longer for Fall to actually get here, but when it does, it arrives in a riot of beautiful colors.

Wait a minute. . . 
Brownie: I’m Fall colors, too, aren’t I Mama?
Me: Yep, you sure are, Brownie Girl. 
Me: And you, too Little Man.
Peter: What about me? 
Me: Um, not quite. . . but you can be an honorary mention since you’re Bryony’s goat buddy. 
Speaking of Bryony, she enjoyed a good romp in the leaves today.
That’s my girl! A leaf chewing fiend.

4 thoughts on “Fall Colors.

  1. Like you, I love the colours that come with this time of year

    1. All of the colors of Autumn are so pretty, aren’t they? Love them <3

  2. Those are gorgeous photos. I have a little rooster that looks like yours!

    1. Then I know he’s got to be a very handsome and colorful guy! 🙂 But hopefully he doesn’t like to sneak up on people like ours does lol. Thank you for stopping by!!

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