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Cute Reindeer Packaging 2013 Update!

So, last year I saw these cute little reindeer on Pinterest and was completely inspired to make them for our Reindeer Poo soap (and in case you’re wondering, despite its name the soap actually smells fantastic and not at all like it’s namesake.). It’s a year later, and I thought I would do an update and a slightly improved tutorial on how to make these.

Brown Bath cloths
Piper Cleaners
Pom Pom Balls
Wiggly Eyes
Rubber Bands
Ribbon, optional
Hot Glue Gun
Reindeer Poo poem, optional
Cardstock, optional
Hole Puncher, optional

1) Spread a bath cloth out flat in front of you, positioned catty-cornered so that it looks like a diamond and place your bar of soap in the middle. Tip: if you’re using a large, rectangular shaped bar like mine, instead of placing the bar in the middle put it closer to the corner that is nearest to you (you’ll see why in a minute).

2) Bring the two corners in front of you together to form a triangle.

3) Very tightly roll those two corners towards the bar of soap.

4) Now, bring the other two ends together above the bar of soap and secure with a rubber band to form the reindeer ears.

5) Bend one pipe cleaner in half to form a V and insert it down in the middle of the rubber band. Cut two small pieces from another pipe cleaner. Bend and shape those two pieces around the first piper cleaner to form antlers. 

6) Glue on a pom pom for the nose and the wiggly eyes.

7) Tie a ribbon around the rubber band and attach the printed out Reindeer Poo poem (totally optional but the poem really is super cute).

Want one but don’t want to go to the trouble of making it yourself? You can purchase our Reindeer Poo soap packaged in the bath cloth reindeer here.

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