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Choice Home Warranty

Everything breaks down or tears up eventually, and living in a mid-century house that becomes more and more true every day. Doubly, or at least it seems so, when that house is on a farm. I swear to you, it seems like as soon as one thing is fixed something else needs to be repaired or replaced around here, but such is the life of living in a house that’s older than I am, right?

To name a few, in just the last few months, both bathrooms have had to have new sub-floors and floor joists put down because of rotting (the floor literally moved when we walked on it), we replaced the old shower that the contractor described as having “come over on the Mayflower” (yep, it was that old), and new insulation was added underneath the house and in the attic. The next major project is to have tile installed in the bathrooms (Walnut colored wood tile at that! I’m in love with this stuff and will certainly be sharing a picture on Facebook and possibly here once it’s down), and that’s scheduled to happen after Thanksgiving. My own personal project list this year has included removing the beginning to peel wallpaper (which I’m still working on and hope to be completely wallpaper-less in every single room soon), painting one bathroom gray (and it’s beautiful, even if the guy at the paint counter repeatedly tried to dissuade me from that color choice), and later painting the 70s/80s era kitchen cabinets (thinking of mixing it up by painting the bottom ones green and the top ones cream).

See, the gray walls turned out pretty. . . so take that, Paint Counter Guy. 
One repair that I haven’t mentioned yet, is the complete demise of our central air unit. Replacing it would have costed in the thousands, and well, let me put it this way, we have animals that need to be fed. Not to mention that us people need to be fed, too. A repair of such an expensive nature would have been impossible. And doing without an air conditioner is, shall we say, very uncomfortable in a south Alabama summer. 
Luckily, we have a protection plan that covers appliances and mechanical systems. It’s been a huge help to us. Not only did they repair our A/C unit a few years ago, but when it finally uttered it’s very last breath this summer, they replaced it with a brand new unit. And the warranty company was a dream to deal with. All it took was a few back and forth calls, and a local HVAC contractor was sent out to inspect and replace the old unit. 
Our particular plan covers everything from the aforementioned A/C unit to microwaves and dishwashers, and it costs about fifty-something dollars a month. To us, it’s worth it for the peace of mind that we have in knowing that should another very large expense like that pop up, it’s taken care of. That peace of mind is certainly nothing to take for granted. 
There are several companies out there that offer protection plans like ours. One such company is Choice Home Warranty. For more information be sure to check out their FAQs. They’re on Twitter, too! 
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