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A Sea of White.

If we had more land, do you know what I would plant?

I read a book years ago that described a cotton field as an, “undulating sea of white.” Of course, the quote went on comparing the field to the ocean with waves and sea life – really wish I could remember more of it because it described the feeling of looking at a field full of fluffiness perfectly. Oh well, I will certainly never be confused with one of those people that can pull perfectly profound bits of wisdom and obscure quotes off the top of their head. . . In fact, I actually forgot how old I was for an entire year once (thought I was a whole year younger, but at least I made myself younger instead of older, right?)

But no matter, this is one of my favorite sights in the world. . . . a field stretching far and wide. A few gardening catalogs had cotton seeds in them this past spring, and I came this   [ ] close to buying a pack, but you know, I think I’d rather wait and have acres and acres instead of one little raised bed.

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