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Horseshoe Nails at are some of the best and most reasonably priced in the industry. They come in a number of sizes and lengths that work for just about any horse hoof size and thickness.

The Capewell 5 Slim horseshoe nails come in boxes of 100, 250, and 500 and are used mostly on horses with brittle hooves and thin walled hooves. This variety of horseshoe nail comes in four and a half and five inch lengths. There is also the Capewell 5 Race horseshoe nails that start at a three inch length and go to a five inch length. This variety of nails are intended for race horses and thin walled hooves. Capewell 5 Regular horseshoe nails are regular head nails and start at a five inch length and go as long as 16 inches. This nail tends to be used on standard-sized horseshoes that come in regular styles. 

As an added benefit, right now orders over $150 will ship for just $10. Every product this site carries is inspected by an active farrier. This insures that all the products, from the horseshoe nails to the blacksmith products, are the best available, and the prices offered on the site are very competitive.

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