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A Week of Bryony.

I meant to post this earlier this week, but it’s that time of year again. . . peanut time and I have been dog sick (seriously, how silly is it to have an allergy to peanut dust when you live in the heart of peanut country?). But at least I’m getting around to it now 🙂

Here are a few pictures of Bryony from her first several days here:

On the way home and enjoying the sights from the backseat. She was definitely a city girl . . . when we drove through Montgomery that night, she sat up and gazed at all of the lights. I hated to tell her that she was on her way to a town that doesn’t even have an eighth of those lights.

First haircut (and not impressed).

Staking out her favorite spot to relax. . . I wonder how on Earth she’s going to manage to sit up there when she’s grown and 50-something lbs?
When we were looking at litters and puppies to choose from, I wanted one that was a completely different color than Verity (who was blue), but with her mild, sort of angelic personality. I’m fairly certain that Bryony is going to fade to blue just like Verity did and her personality is so different from Verity’s that’s it’s been a refreshing change. She’s a real go-getter, and is determined to bring something from outdoors (pinecones, leaves, you name it) back inside with her each time. 

She’s also a little bit of a chewer, but not nearly as bad as my weimaraners as pups (and for that I’m grateful). Hunter, my oldest weim, gave me a crash course in his breed by chewing through walls, two wooden doors, a metal crate, and numerous eyeglasses – among other things. You can imagine how relieved I was when Remy, the youngest weim, didn’t show quite as much zeal for chewing when he was a puppy; however, he did manage to lock me out of the house once. Thankfully, Bryony has been extremely mild compared to that and has yet to lock me outside 😉

Meeting Mose.

What a goofy girl! 🙂

“Helping” me feed the geese in the morning. She’s well on her way to turning into a country girl 🙂

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