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30 Random Acts of Kindness.

Can you believe I started this post back in June and am just now getting it posted? But there’s a reason for that. I have a much dreaded milestone birthday coming up tomorrow (or really today since it’s now past midnight). The Big 3-0. Eek :/

I have dreaded it for what seems like ages, then again doesn’t everyone? I hope so, and that I’m not pitifully alone in this. The thought of leaving those carefree twenties is unnerving and a little scary, and I’ve never been known for being brave or anything close to it. In fact, about as far from it as anyone can possibly get.

Part of the reason is that I’ve spent the last year going over and over my bucket list, and I’ve come to only one possible conclusion. . . I’ve only managed to tick off a couple of things on it. Our farm was, of course, the big one on the list, but still how utterly depressing is that? But I’m going to look on the bright side and keep in mind that 30 is a new decade, a new beginning, and it presents more chances to check off some of those bucket list items (like visiting London and Tanzania, milking a cow, owning a horse, swimming with sharks – although don’t think I’m going to find many sharks to swim with in southeast Alabama).

Part of looking on the bright side is turning something I’ve dreaded into a very positive thing that I can look forward to (and I have been very much looking forward to this πŸ™‚ ) . How better to do that than to complete 30 Random Acts of Kindness for turning 30?

Although, they won’t be totally random as I have a list of about 39 thought up already. The first four are:
1) Returning shopping carts to their proper place.
2) Giving a gift card to a complete stranger.
3) Taping an envelope with change in it to a vending machine.
4) Giving a nice gift to the mail lady.
And on and on.

And if I manage to go over 30 acts of kindness and maybe all the way to 40 or even 50, that’ll make it even better! Of course, I’m more than happy to take suggestions on possible acts (seriously, I would love suggestions and really need help brainstorming πŸ™‚ ). For now, I’m going to enjoy our new girl, Bryony, that we picked up today (and promise more pictures of her will be coming soon)

and enjoy a little birthday cake tomorrow (sorry, today) πŸ™‚ And of course, appreciate that today is not a Friday. After all, it wouldn’t do to start a new decade on an unlucky day, right?

3 thoughts on “30 Random Acts of Kindness.

  1. oh goshness with all the medical madness on our side of the world – we missed your birthday!!! *gasp*!!! a very happidy birthday to you sweet lady xox

  2. Only just got to this post. So sorry I missed your birthday, but hope you had a wonderful time. And what a lovely way to celebrate – 30 acts of kindness. Big hugs.

  3. So late responding to y’all, but thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes πŸ™‚

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