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The Trouble with Marigold.

Have I introduced y’all to Marigold? I haven’t? Well, meet Marigold:

She’s one of the animals on our farm with a floral inspired name. . . Obviously. Marigold is a sweet girl, although she’d probably say something like:

Marigold: What you talking about girl? I’m all woman.

Me: Alright, alright, you’re a woman, Marigold. . . but I’m kinda second guessing that whole sweet thing, right now. 
She really is sweet, though, and sometimes even a little indecisive. Okay, a lot indecisive. 
We’ve been doing a little shifting around of our goats lately (and planning on doing more – hopefully this week). The smaller goats that were in the goose/goat enclosure now call the doe pen home (temporarily). Marigold is one of those smaller goats that has moved houses recently. The doe pen goats are lucky in that they have access to two large separate fenced in pens that they can enjoy. One, their main home and the other, a second vacation home that includes all of the land around the pond. . . which you could consider their all you can eat buffet.
Every morning, it’s free choice for whoever wants to visit the buffet during their day. There’s usually a line of girls (plus, Mose and Marcus the buck, right now) raring to go. When Marigold was first moved over to the doe pen, just like the other girls she decided to go, too. However, minutes after I had got everybody moved and squared away (or at least I thought I had) and was half way back up our hillside, I heard the sweet indecisive baah of a goat right behind me. 
It was Marigold, who had changed her mind (and escaped) just as quickly as she had made it up. This went on for a whole week, until finally, she decided to give it a chance. Personally, I think the other girls whispered in her ear that she was being a little silly. Whatever it was that changed her mind, she’s a dream, now. The first in line every morning and the first in line every afternoon to go back to the doe pen.

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