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Happy, Happy, Happy.

I know that’s a favorite quote of Phil (of Duck Dynasty fame, don’t you know), but I think our goats have decided to take it up as their personal favorite, too. And they are indeed very happy right now.

Remember how in the post about Marigold I mentioned we were planning on doing more moving around of goats in the near future. Well, The Great Move began the other day.

All of the girls (plus, Mose) made the move into their new, much expanded pen complete with a larger goat/donkey house.

Look how happy Mose is:

Yep, that’s his Happy Face. Naturally, he was the first one to explore and check everything out. Their new enclosure is well over twice the size of the old one. It takes up about half of the land at the bottom of the hill, then extends all the way up the hill and to the new goat house (which is contained in a smaller enclosure that we can secure at night – so, that everyone can be tucked up safe and snug as a bug in a  . . . you get the drift, right?). Sort of like this:

Courtesy of Google Earth.
Even Marigold seems to like it, and you know how indecisive she is.
And Leo the cat (who can usually be found taking a little nap on the side of the hill every afternoon), is even enjoying the company. Although, I think she’s made sure to go up and tell everyone that it was her hill first.

Seeing the goats so happy about their new home. . . priceless. Finding yourself sprawled face first in the dirt when one of the girls decides not to cooperate in The Great Move. . . not so much (Ouch! I’m still sore 🙁 ) But it was definitely worth it.

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