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Puddle Jumping.

The very picture of piggy bliss.

“When life gives you rain, find a puddle and have fun!”

That’s been Tulip’s motto of late, and what a good one it is. In fact, I think she could teach me a little something about making lemonade out of lemons and all that.

We had over 18 inches of rain in July, and although August has already had more sunny days than last month, this past week has been a little wet. Next week, is supposed to be wet, too.

I guess I’ll just have to do what Tulip does. . . find a puddle, jump in, and have a good time!

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2 thoughts on “Puddle Jumping.

  1. lovely theory… you go jump in those puddles!! such fun.. *wink*
    Tulip is gorgeous!!
    hugs and blessings xox

  2. Lol, with as much rain as we’ve had, I’m tempted to 😉

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