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Lazy Sunday.

After the excitement of our new girls’ arrival and making sure they were nursing (they weren’t at first, but are now), today was a nice lazy day for us and the animals.
Mose enjoyed grazing in the high grass around the pond. Hasn’t he grown into such a big boy? He’ll be two years old next month, and it’s hard to believe he was ever so small that we could pick him up.

Verity and I enjoyed a short break on the bench beside the pond. Did you know Mose and Verity have become fast friends? It’s an odd friendship – a dog and a donkey – but they get along well. When Verity and I go on our walks, Mose always comes up to her to say hi.

Tulip taking a relaxing mud bath. With as hot as it’s been, I’m tempted to join her one day 😉
Guineas in the middle of a long grooming session. I’m not entirely sure why, but the guineas have been spending the most time in the doe pen with the goats. Maybe it has something to with eating up all of the little bits and pieces of food the goats drop.

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