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Finally (Parte Dos)

See how I worked in that little bit of Spanish there? 🙂

Would it sound awful if I confess that I had to google how to say ‘Part’ in Spanish (‘Two’ was totally not a problem – easy peasy, you might say)? I told my mom the other week that we really need to learn Spanish. Or well, I need to brush up on my a-little-too rusty high school Spanish and she needs to start from scratch. Spanish is a growing language in the US, after all, especially in our region. But the real impetus behind it is our new obsession with two particular television shows and a desire to be able to understand more than every fourth word without the aid of subtitles.

Grandma may be completely enthralled with Honey Boo Boo (seriously, she even has their book!), but mom and I like something a little bit different: Devious Maids (which I’ve mentioned before) and my personal favorite, The Bridge. I am dying to know who the killers are in both shows (probably not the best choice of words there, is it?). We have a little bet going on about our top suspects. Did you know, I’ve even gone so far as to watch the original Danish/Swedish version of The Bridge.

Anyways, that’s enough about that and on to what this post is really about. . . Peachicks!

In this post here (funnily enough entitled Finally 😉 ), I showed off the eggs that our peahens had finally (I feel like I’m repeating myself) begun laying after a delayed breeding season. I’ve been a bit of a procrastinator lately so this post is two weeks late, but the eggs finally (there’s that word again) hatched at the beginning of this month.

So, Mom brought the peachicks in from their brooder the other day for a little photo shoot:

This little guy decided the side of the box offered a better vantage point to oversee everything:

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