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Last Chance.

I told Brownie this morning during breakfast time that if she wants to have a July baby, today is it.

Do you know what she did? Bumped the feed bucket with her head to let me know in no uncertain terms that she was more interested in breakfast and that she would kid whenever she gets ready to. Huh.

Personally, I think she’s hatched a plot to drive us nutty. One day, she acts as if delivering her baby is imminent and the next day, she’s as sprightly and active as ever.

Of course, we may be waiting with bated breath for her to kid, but there’s one person goat that isn’t. . . Leon.

Leon is more than happy to remain the baby for a little while longer.

2 thoughts on “Last Chance.

  1. Awww!! – we are also in line waiting now.. what a lovely blog!

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